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There is no shortage of issues caused by individuals, nature, or those pesky squirrels! 

Bulk Trash Reporting


We know that trash is an issue that can pop up out of nowhere! Trash pickup is managed by Patriot Disposal, a contractor with the Town of Leesburg. Homeowners should schedule trash pickups through Patriot by calling 703-771-6677 or emailing Please remember not to set trash out until the night before pickup.

If you find abandoned trash that has been sitting for more than 3 days or trash or debris that is hazardous or dangerous, please report the location and the Association will review if it's scheduled for pickup. Report it here!


Street Light Outage

Single Family Homes: All streetlights in the single family homes are maintained by Dominion Power. If you are having issues with one of these, please look for the pole number (usually written along the base of the pole) and report it to Dominion by calling 866-366-4357 or using the form on the Dominion website.

Townhomes: For streetlights that run along Ambrosia, Catoctin, Fieldstone, and Plaza, these are maintained by Dominion Power and should be reported using the information for single family homes. Otherwise, HOA-maintained street lights are those situated along townhome parking lots and use high-efficiency LED bulbs. This does not include any lights within the boundaries of a private residence. To report outages in HOA-maintained streetlights, contact the Property Manager.

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