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We are part of the larger Leesburg and Loudoun family, but it's still important to know who to contact when you're in a pickle...

Same City, Different Help

While we love being part of this Town, we don't want anyone to report issues to the wrong people. This map shows the boundaries of the communities around Exeter so that you always know where to go for help! We'll also be happy to update the information below as it's reported to us so you have a shortcut to get in touch with the people that matter. 

*Please note, contact information is updated periodically and may not be up to date. For informational purposes only.

  • Exeter Hills

    • Community Management Corp., 703-631-7200

  • Exeter Section 1

    • Email us to get your info updated!

  • Exeter Section 2

    • Sentry Management, 540-751-1888

  • Carvale

    • 703-777-1262

  • Fox Chase Condominium Association at Exeter

    • Associa, 703-631-7200

  • Paxton

    • Paxton Trust, 703-777-1939

Exeter Boundaries Map.png

Do you have an update to our list? Please email us at

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