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1. What if I'm selling my home?

Please go to:  to order the Resale Documents. Once the site comes up you will see at the top of the screen 'order closing documents.' On the next page choose 'order documents' again. You will now see 'Welcomelink'. Please create a username and password. From there please follow the prompts to order the documents. Resale documents are a requirement for all home sales and banks won't close without them.

2. Do we have a Community Watch?

The Association does not officially have a Community Watch, however, residents are able to participate in one in accordance with all federal, state, and local rules and when not in conflict with the Association's rules, policies, and procedures. 
We highly recommend that residents take actions to remain safe. Please see the following resources to gain important information: 


3. How can I help out in the Community?

Exeter has a Board of Directors, Architectural Review Committee, and several other committees, Task Forces, and Board Liasons on an as-needed basis that are always looking for new members in good standing to apply to join. See the Boards and Committees page for more information about the duties and responsibilities of the various groups, and their general meeting schedules.  Consult the Exeter calendar on this website's main page for specific meeting dates, schedules, and updates.


Standing or ad-hoc Boards, Committees, Task Forces, and Board Liaisons:

  • Board of Directors

  • Architectural Review Committee

  • Grounds

  • Pool

  • Safety

  • Communications

  • Community Events

  • Parking


4. How can I pay my HOA dues?

For the most up to date information on making payments please visit our Sentry's website to learn more. ​

  • Auto-Pay:   Set up this service to have assessments automatically paid when due. You may access this service at

  • One-Time:  One-Time Payments can be made online at If you are new to this service, you may register your account by using your 16-digit account number or using the FIND ME option.

  • By Phone: Our Pay-By-Phone service is available by calling toll-free (844) 550-0336 (24/7, 365 days a year). This service allows you to make a payment with the assistance of a Customer Service Representative for a small fee. Additional convenience charges apply to Debit or Credit Card transactions.

  • Mail: If you prefer to Pay by Mail, enclose your check along with your payment coupon. Payments can be mailed to our Payment Processing Center. Please include your coupon to ensure accurate application. Please mail to PO Box 30437, Tampa, FL 33630-3437.

  • In Person:  If you prefer to pay in person, you can visit your local Sentry Management office at 50 Catoctin Circle NE, Suite 301, Leesburg VA  20176

  • *Convenience charges may apply for credit/debit transactions, customer service assisted transactions and some one-time payment transactions.



  • For all payment options, you will need your 16-digit account number, which will be included on the coupon books.  If you need that number before the coupon book is received, please call us at 540-751-1888.

  • Please do not send post-dated checks as out payment center cannot single out these payments and the checks will be processed as received.  If you have already prepaid your assessments, your balance will transfer to our records.

  • If you use a bill-pay service through your bank to make payments, please include the 16-digit account number that will appear on your coupons to ensure the payment is credited to your account.

5. How do I attend a community meeting?

  • Meetings are open to residents and the general public. Board of Directors meetings begin with an open resident forum where residents have up to three minutes to freely address the Board with comments, issues, concerns, or just complements.  For topics requiring more than a 3-minute discussion, to keep the meeting moving, the board may defer extensive discussion until a separate meeting can be arranged.  The rest of each board meeting is the business portion, where residents may listen but not participate or speak up unless recognized by the Chair or President.  The Board of Directors normally enters Executive Session at the end of each board meeting, however, may also during a meeting if required to address a special topic.  All residents and visitors will be asked to leave the meeting prior to the board going into Executive Session.

  • Consult the Exeter calendar for current or updated meeting schedules.

    Board of Directors regular business meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of every month at the Exeter clubhouse at 7 p.m.
    Architectural Review Board meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at the Exeter clubhouse at 7 p.m.
    Committee meetings are held on an as-needed basis. We have the following other Committees, Task Forces, or Board Liaisons:
    Community Events
    All meetings are posted to the Exeter website main page.

6. What if too many people are occupying a home?

  • If residents have concerns about possible excessive occupancy violations in their neighborhoods, they can file a confidential complaint with the Town’s Zoning Division.

  • The complaint form is available on the Town’s website at

  • Once a complaint is received, a Zoning Inspector will open an investigation.

  • If the violation is confirmed, it may take several months to resolve.

  • There is nothing Exeter Homeowners Association can do to help resolve excessive occupancy concerns.

7. What if I have a parking issue?

The Association has had several parking task forces and committees since it's inception in 1992, all of which were resident run. Our most recent review of parking rules included the formation of a Parking Task Force in January 2018, a community input meeting in February, a 4-month legal, research, history, and options exploration. The Task Force Chairman presented options to the Board in May, which are currently under review. These options include establishing a residents-only permitting system, utilizing a contract company to enforce towing, increasing awareness about excessive occupancy requirements, and working with the Town of Leesburg to establish resident-only parking areas along Fieldstone and Ambrosia. Residents are encouraged to attend the regular Board meeting to voice support or concern with parking situations.

 In the meantime, there are no rules or requirements that:


  • Limits the number of vehicles at a residence


  • Limits where a vehicle can park within a parking lot (in accordance with federal, state, and local laws such as fire lanes)


  • Limits the length of time a vehicle may be parked


A vehicle can be tagged for removal, which requires that we notify the homeowner (via the vehicle) and provide an established period of time for the homeowner to resolve the issue. Contact the property manager if any of the following are violated:


  • A vehicle must appear to be in working order (no smashed windows, no flat tires, etc..)

  • A vehicle must have all applicable state and local licensing, including up-to-date inspection and license plate tags. 

  • A vehicle parking overnight in Exeter may not be a clearly-identifiable commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are permitted during the day for non-regular occurrences (i.e. not parking every day for long periods).


Homeowners may not:

  • Mark parking spaces in any way, including with paint, chalk, or other items (considered vandalism).

  • Place objects in the parking spaces, such as flags, cones, or trash cans, or in any way prevent someone from accessing a parking space.

  • Attempt to enforce a "good neighbor" agreement. 

  • Park in a driveway that is part of a home. This is their private property.


We understand that during the inception of Exeter, many of the original homeowners were informed they were entitled to a set number of parking spaces. These agreements are not enforceable and no residents are assigned any spaces. Some neighborhoods have set up voluntary "good neighbor" agreements. While we encourage residents to speak directly about parking concerns with other neighbors, please be aware that no such agreement is enforceable or will be supported by the Association. Inclusion in these agreements are voluntary and residents may not be compelled to join such an agreement. 
Residents may not use parking lots as common area for recreational or purposes other than parking. No structures, such as shade structures or tables, may be set up in parking lots. While we understand some neighborhoods may engage in block parties and other activities, residents are not permitted to do so in the street. Normal use of parking lots, such as for bicycling, are permitted so long as they are done in a safe manner that does not impede traffic or pose a safety risk. Trails and pathways are not considered parking areas or streets and no vehicles are permitted on any trails at any time, unless on officially approved HOA business (such as our events chairman or our trash contractor).
Lastly, the Association only has jurisdiction over the Townhome streets and parking areas, excluding Ambrosia, Place NE, Catoctin Circle NE, Fieldstone Drive, and Plaza Street. All other streets and parking areas directly adjacent to the Townhomes are the private property of the Association. These parking lots and streets are not for general or public parking or use. Residents and their visitors may park in parking lots within the Property, except the Plaza Street parking lot adjacent to the pool, playground, and clubhouse, where no overnight parking is permitted. The Association does not own the Single-Family Home streets, they are the property of the Town of Leesburg. Please contact the Town of Leesburg Public Works Department or the Leesburg Police Department (in emergency situations) for any issues related to Town streets. All other concerns may be sent to the current property manager. 

8.What if I want to change the outside of my home?


It depends on what you are doing.

  • If making changes inside your home, check whether it is governed by the Town of Leesburg or other federal, state, and local laws.

  • External modifications may also require permits governed by the Town of Leesburg or other federal, state, and local laws.

  • For external modifications, you should check the Homeowners Handbook to determine whether you need to contact the HOA.

  • If you do need to apply to make a change, you should use the Architectural Modification Form.

  • Once the modification is complete, make sure you fill out an Architectural Completion Notification.


The Architectural Review Board meets the 3rd Thursday of each month; applications must be received by Noon on the prior Monday.  Please submit a separate application for each improvement.

9. How do I contact the Town of Leesburg?


The main phone number for the Town of Leesburg is: (703) 777-2420. The Town's website is:

10. What if I experience an emergency?

  • The Town of Leesburg is responsible for handling any emergencies that threaten lives or property. 

  • For emergencies that threaten lives or property, including fires, please call 9-1-1.

  • To contact the non-emergency line of the Leesburg Police Department, please call 703-771-4500.

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