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Exeter Update: August 2020

August 2020


Board of Directors

August 27, 8 p.m.

Architectural Review Board

August 20, 7 p.m.

Gov. Docs. Town Hall

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Landscaping Committee

September 5, 9 a.m.

Pool Committee

September 5, 10 a.m.

Annual Meeting

August 27, 7 p.m.

All meetings will be held virtually with links provided to access the meetings available via  https://www.gotomeet.me/ExeterHOA


Governing Documents Town Hall

As the Board continues to pursue better tools to help address neighborhood issues, we want to ensure every homeowner has a full understanding of the benefits approving these measures provides. We need every neighbor to help by completing their form. if you threw yours away, please contact the Property Manager for your resident code and you can complete it online.

The Board will be hosting a question and answer session in a Town Hall next week.

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August Facilities Update

Unfortunately, the Board has made the difficult decision to close the pool for the remainder of the 2020 season. Because of the ongoing COVID pandemic, there were not enough staff available to meet all legal requirements.

The playgrounds and basketball court will remain closed during Phase 3 as the Association cannot meet the legal requirements to open.

The tennis court is open for limited user provided residents complete an online waiver before use.

Pond Work Moving Right Along

The Association continues to work on improving both the pond's water quality and finalizing the construction improvements. The Board has a water quality contract in place to bring the water quality up to par after years of limited action due to the lawsuit. The algae problem is being addressed with a steady treatment of environmentally-safe chemicals. The dam improvement project has entered the final phase of permitting as is expected to be approved within the next six months. Depending on the timeline for final approval, construction should start in the Winter of 2020-21.

Monthly Minutes In accordance with emergency legislation allowing Homeowners Associations to suspend the need for in-person meetings during a state-of-emergency, and given the nature of the emergency that makes it impracticable and unsafe to assemble in a single location at this time, all Board meetings were held electronically and notification was provided by email. As such, the records and minutes of those meetings are available at the following link: https://www.exeterhoa.com/file-share/2819001f-3b03-4ec1-a965-2c573e529227

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